It’s rare to find someone that under-promises and over-delivers. I would like to let you know that you are one of these rare individual s and would recommend your services whole-heartedly. Next time I am in the market to buy or sell, I am calling Gerry Hooper.

Harry Hedaya,
Former King Air C90B Owner/Operator.


promark aviation sales history

The list below shows a complete sales record for Gerry Hooper / ProMark Aviation

       aircraft serial #
  Citation Mustang S/N: 510-0024
  Citation Mustang S/N: 510-0109
  Bell 206 BII S/N: 1540
  King Air 350 S/N: FL-0512
  Citation Sovereign S/N: 680-0052
  Citation CJ1+ S/N: 525A-0671
  Citation Excel S/N: 560-0091
  Westwind II S/N: 1128-0303
  Citation Encore+ S/N: 560-0788
  Falcon 900B S/N: 900B-0113
  Challenger 300 S/N: 300-0110
  Hawker 800XP S/N: 2580466
  Hawker 800A S/N: 258039
  Hawker 800A S/N: 258061
  Piaggio S/N: 1062
  Lear 31A S/N: 31A-0061
  Dornier 328Jet S/N: 3167
  Conquest II S/N: 441-0121
  Cessna 414 Ram Series IV S/N: 414-0318
  Piper Cheyenne I S/N: 7904042
  Piper Twin Comanche S/N: C-GWPP
  Piper Seneca III S/N: 31T
  Citation II S/N: 550-0266
  Citation II S/N: 550-0164
  Lear 35A S/N: 35A-0326
  Lear 25D S/N: 25D-0308
  Lear 24D S/N: 24D-0245
  Citation I/SP S/N: 501-0173
  Gulfstream III S/N: 450
  Citation V S/N: 560-0131
  Citation V Ultra S/N: 560-0397
  Hawker 700A S/N: NA236
  Citation Excel Position S/N: 5039
  Citation Excel Position S/N: 5086
  Citation Excel S/N: 5002
  Citation Excel Position S/N: 5023
  Citation Bravo Position S/N: 550-0895
  Citation Bravo Position S/N: 550-0885
  Cessna 414AW S/N: N414AV
  Raytheon Premier 1 Position S/N: RB-90
  Citation Excel Position S/N: 5109
  Raytheon Premier 1 Position
(1st Factory Delivery)
S/N: RB-4
  Lear 35A S/N: 35A-0462
  Raytheon Premier 1 Position S/N: RB-49
  Citation 500LW S/N: 500-0040
  Lear 31A S/N: 31A-0111
  Citation Excel Position S/N: 560-5166
  Citation 525 CJ S/N: 525-0007
  Citation Excel S/N: 560-0055
  King Air B200 S/N: BB-1213
  Citation CJ2 Position S/N: 525A-0088
  Hawker 700A S/N: NA0335
  Citation Bravo Position S/N: 550-1032
  Citation V Ultra S/N: 560-0453
  Cessna 421B S/N: N770GK
  Falcon 2000 S/N: DA2000 -151
  Citation CJ2 S/N: 525A-0156
  Hawker 800A S/N: NA-0475
  Lear 45 S/N: 45
  Citation 500 Longwing S/N: 500-0202
  Citation CJ3 Position S/N: 525B-0049
Citation Excel
S/N: 560-5026
  Commander 690B S/N: 11503
  Citation Excel S/N: 560-5074
  Cessna 421C S/N: 1087
  Citation I/SP 501-0120
  Falcon 20F 312
  Westwind I 264
  Hawker 700A NA-0332
  1997 Citation V Ultra 560-0437
  Beech/Raytheon Duke P-558
  Beech/RaytheonKing Air B-100 BE-059
  Beech/Raytheon B36TC Bonanza EA-0420
  Citation V Ultra  560-0379
  Citation Sovereign S/N: 0059
  Citation Bravo S/N: 0812
  Citation S/II  S/N: 0097
  King Air C90B S/N: LJ-1545
  Citation Bravo S/N: 550-1060
  Citation Bravo S/N: 550B-1074
  Hawker 800A S/N: 258052
  Falcon 50 S/N: 50-0130
  Citation Excel S/N: 560-5055
  Citation Excel S/N: 560-5109
  Citation Bravo S/N: 560-0844
  Citation Mustang Position S/N: 202
  Citation Mustang Position S/N: 212
  Citation Sovereign S/N: 680-0020
  Citation CJ3 Position S/N: 525B-0252
  Citation Ultra S/N: 560-0379
  Citation Encorel S/N: 560-0559